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Contact Clutterless Recovery Groups

Only Pleasanton, CA has a Clutterless meeting and I doubt anyone will be starting any new ones. Please look for Clutterer's Anonymous. There are no more books for sale. I rarely can be coaxed to do media interviews. I no longer consult. Thus, there is no "contact us" link, since there is no reason to do so.

Most of the questions people asked me are already answered in my books. They are all out of print, so check your local library for Stop Clutter From Stealing Your Life to start. You will get more out of my books than from any others you have read.

People often asked me for help with their hoarding relatives. Please, if that is your situation, know that I have the greatest respect for your intentions to help and the greatest sadness for my inability to help you help them from a distance. Try local mental health associations or mental health professionals who specialize in hoarding.

My business web site is www.mexicomike.com, so if you just like my writing, there is a ton of it there.